November 2003
The Callide Oxyfuel Project concept is conceived as an initiative of the Australian Coal Association COAL21

March 2004

Oxyfuel technology included in the COAL21 National Plan of Action and a working group established

March 2006

Joint Venture Partners sign the Memorandum of Understanding to commence feasibility into Callide Oxyfuel Project

October 2006
Callide Oxyfuel Project receives $63 million funding through the Australian Government’s Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund

March 2008
Callide Oxyfuel Project partners finalise joint venture agreements, formalising the collaboration of Japanese and Australian expertise

November 2008

Official launch of the Callide Oxyfuel Project and the refurbishment of Callide A Power Station’s Unit 4 commences

January 2009

The Callide A Power Station Unit 4 refurbishment is complete, and ready to be retrofit for oxyfuel combustion.

October 2009

Earthworks for the construction of new oxygen and carbon capture plants start

The project becomes one of only a handful of carbon capture projects in the world to move beyond concept to construction

March 2011

Callide A Power Station’s Unit 4 boiler modifications finished

Commissioning commences

October 2011

The new oxygen plant is completed, making Callide A Power Station oxyfuel-ready

March 2012

Unit 4 boiler operates in full oxyfiring mode for the first time

June 2012

Oxyfuel boiler fully commissioned and demonstration phase begins

December 2012

Carbon capture begins, making the Callide Oxyfuel Project one of the most advanced low emission projects in the world

May 2014

Callide Oxyfuel Project passes halfway mark, achieving 6,000 hours of operation in oxyfuel combustion mode

October 2014

The first of four test injections of Callide Oxyfuel carbon dioxide undertaken at the CO2CRC Otway Basin test site in Victoria

March 2015

The Callide Oxyfuel Project demonstration phase comes to a close after two years and nine months, successfully proving 10,000 hours of oxyfuel combustion and 5,500 hours of carbon capture plant operation.