A GLOBAL Partnership

The Callide Oxyfuel Project is a great story about what can be achieved through good science, innovative engineering and international collaboration, in the pursuit of low emission energy.

The project brought together Japanese and Australian expertise in the areas of electricity generation, boiler construction, and the latest knowledge on coal combustion and flue gas processing. This partnership enabled joint research and development into oxyfiring and the development of a design for a first-of-a-kind demonstration plant in Australia.

The Callide Oxyfuel Project is a joint venture partnership between CS Energy; ACA Low Emissions Technologies (ACALET); Glencore, Schlumberger Carbon Services; and Japanese participants J-Power, Mitsui & Co., Ltd and IHI Corporation.

The project was awarded $63 million from the Australian Government under the Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund and has also received financial support from ACALET and the Japanese and Queensland governments, and technical support from JCOAL.

The international joint venture partnership used the individual strengths and expertise of its partners to reach innovative solutions throughout the life of the project.